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Important Information on SARSCoV2

The outbreak of SARSCoV2 which is also known as coronavirus first occurred in Wahun, China. Since then clinicians are doing all they can in order to understand the diseases better. The virus is a respiratory disease that is very contagious. Since its first outbreak, millions across the world have tested positive and thousands have died. The good thing is that many are recovering from it there for survival rates are very high.

It is quite unfortunate that many people are still not taking preventative measures that have been set by the world health organization seriously. It is important for people to note that by washing their hands with soap and water or disinfecting their hands with a powerful disinfectant, taking social distancing seriously and wearing masks does help a lot in preventing infection. Up to date, there is no vaccine. This is because the virus is still new and the development of vaccines does take a while due to human trials.

The only way you can know if you have the virus is thorough tests that are normally done in hospitals or government-certified laboratories. There are two types of SARSCoV2 tests, the viral test, and the antibody test. Most of the types the clinicians do run the test twice so that they can be certain of the results. You also need to monitor yourself for any Covid 19 symptoms. If you have been exposed to the virus it takes at least seven to fourteen days for you to see the signs. Most people experience headaches, breathing difficulties, nausea, fever, lack of taste, and vomiting. If you have such symptoms go for testing immediately.

There is no treatment for this virus but the good thing is that doctors are able to prescribe to your medication that will help in treating the symptoms. If you test positive you should take lots of rests, drink plenty of fluids and eat a balanced diet. You also need to isolate yourself from people so that you don’t infect them with the virus. If you follow the guidelines that your doctor will give you and they run tests again and you are declared free of the virus you can go back to living our lives as normal thou you have to take prevention measures seriously.

If you want to take the SARSCoV2 test the best place you can go to is to a laboratory diagnostic center. There are various things that you ought to consider before settling for any lab. Check if they have a license. This certificate is of great importance for it is the one that guides you in knowing if you are dealing with experts in this field or not. Such labs are known for employing some of the best technicians in the field therefore you can be confident that the tests will be run by professionals. They also do train their technicians in running different types of lab tests therefore their results are usually accurate and you can confidently trust them. Knowing if you are free of this virus is very important for you and anyone you surround yourself with therefore get yourself checked.

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